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Have an idea about education that you want to share with the world?

Let me help you put it into words.

I'm happiest when my two passions (teaching and writing) intersect, so I'm always looking for new ways to collaborate with blogs, online publications, and anyone committed to promoting a fresh narrative about teaching and learning.

Sample articles

looking to collaborate? here are some of my favorite educational topics to write about:

growth mindset

What we can achieve is closely tied to what we believe we're capable of. I believe that fostering a growth mindset should be the foundation of all learning.


To understand how to best help our kids learn, we first need to understand what gets them excited. 

social-emotional learning

Understanding ourselves and understanding others are two skills that are essential to a thriving human experience.


Everyone learns differently, and I believe this should be celebrated. Understanding neurodiversity is the key to unlocking every strength in every mind.

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